In the studio with the company working on the Caucasian Chalk Circle cast album. Tracks and the 'making of' video coming soon. 

Juan Pena - Studio Engineer

Nicole Oranges - Production Manager

Bob Wagoner - Videographer




I am currently the composer / music director / narrator for Purchase Repertory Theater's CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE directed by Christopher McCann. Each night I underscore the entire production with different instruments including, piano, guitar, drums, and vocals. Much of it is done at the same time since it is a one man orchestra. I've written 14 songs in total and taught the company of 12 actors their vocal parts including four part harmonies, individual solos, and even rapping. It's been a blast so far!





I am currently playing Elegba in Purchase Repertory Theater's IN THE RED AND BROWN WATER. I am the music director and composer for the play as well. The music I am writing is heavily influenced by African tribal rhythms mixed with Creole. The company and I are playing djembes, shakers, tambourines, claves, and much more. 






Hot Tub Time Machine 2

dir. Steve Pink

Paramount Pictures